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Aptly called the “Wonder Sugar,” the Philippines’ coconut nectar sugar and syrup can be enjoyed “guilt-free.” Coming from pure organic coconut nectar they offer superior health benefits over cane sugar, agave, maple, honey and other sweeteners. They have one of the lowest Glycemic Indices at 35% compared to cane sugar at 65% and honey at 55%, allowing for better control of diabetes.  And its healthy fat content slows blood sugar elevation while reducing craving for sweets.

This Function Food is highly nutritious and rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals.  It contains no trans-fats, is gluten-free, non-toxic and is filled with numerous nutritional properties.  Along with a healthy lifestyle, it may improve digestion and the cardiovascular system.  It also gives that quick energy boost and enhances physical performance.

There are many more wonderful benefits from the consumption of coconut.  After all, the coconut has fed and nourished populations all over the world for generations.  But, more importantly, it continues to provide a source of livelihood to those who need it most- Third World families. So, the only “guilt” you should feel is from not telling others about this fantastic product.

The Better-Syrup-Than-Syrup Syrup

Eat-all-you-can pancakes glazed with coconut syrup

Much like our coconut nectar sugar, this product is considered the healthiest and most nutritious sweetener available in the market.  Even better than maple, honey or agave.  But the best part is, it tastes exceptionally good.  And you can enjoy it without feeling guilty.  Every time!

Our syrup can be used as a high energy drink, sweetener for fruit juices, cakes, pastries, chocolates, candies, coffee, tea, ingredient in food, sauces & dressings…  Simply unlimited.

These high-quality products are available in all SeafoodCity outlets in California, Nevada and Washington states or you may order them on online at http://www.okuasame.com. You may also contact CoconutWorld at http://www.coconutworld.biz for their complete store listing in the continental U.S.A.