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This is a must-watch video if you appreciate the astonishing wonders humans can achieve. Even if you don’t care for ballet, this is incredible, and speaks to that core of brilliance within us as a species. It is the Great Chinese State Circus in a soul-stirring performance of Swan Lake.

I wish my mother, the dancer, was alive to see this.

For all the bad, for all the ways in which we tend to be so much less than we can be, this stands as testament to the innate artistic, creative, hard-working and highly self-sacrificing spirit dwelling within the us — as seen in the best of humanity. For all the bad, we can be wise and compassionate and selfless, far-seeing and insightful. And — Beautiful.

We can be all that and more.

Let’s aim to be this. Let the spirit, or God, or the Universal Intelligence or even our wise subconscious mind flow through us to become the very best ‘we’, we can become.

Cathy Taibbi is based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America, and is Anchor for Allvoices

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