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“Dear God, I wished on a star two times but nothing happened. Now what? [Signed] Anna.” The question, delivered with all the Promethean imperiousness of a six-year-old, is from More Children’s Letters to God (Simon & Schuster), the second of two phenomenally successful compilations of juvenile missives addressed to the deity.

Compiled by a pair of veteran writers of children’s books, Eric Marshall and Stuart Hample, Children’s Letters to God was published in 2008, has so far sold nearly a million copies. Marshall and Hample gathered the letters from friends, hospitals, orphanages, camps and Sunday schools across the nation. Children under ten write the best letters, they claim. Below that age, explains Hample, “children regard everyone as their equal, including God. Another fascinating thing is the total lack of fear that children displayed in these letters. I suppose that is because they have no guilt.  But before the adult world beat us out of their innocence, let us join hands and celebrate in the purity that these God’s amazing little creatures exemplify and through their goodness is a reminder that life is simple and sweet. Savor it now while it lasts – ed.